Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the average tuition for a college?

For Undergraduated school, University in Korea is divided into 3 types - national, public and private schools. Depending on the type of schools and major, tuition fee ranges anywhere from 2,000,000 Won to 6,000,000 Won ($1,700~$5,100) per semester.

Q2. Will college recognize high school graduation diploma?

As students come from many countries to study in Korea, they often do not have a school record semester to a year. In this case, There are many variations for recognizing high school diploma for each university. Therefore please make sure to refer to the admission information from each university.

Q3. The list of Graduate Schools lectures only in English:

Other than the Graduate School of International Studies in Korea, the list lectures are as the following:
Seoul National University (
Yonsei University (
Korea University (
Hanyang University (
Kyunghee University (
Ehwa Women's University (
Sogang University (
KDI ( )
Ajou University ( )

Q4. What is a typical scholarship international student can receive?

Most universities support international students tuition fees anywhere from 30% to 100% based on grades. Since each school will have a different scholarship, please contact the admission office directly to inquire.

Q5. How can international students sign up for a health insurance?

International students must sign up for health insurance through the "National Health Insurance Corporation (" in order to receive health insurance from hospitals in Korea. Foreign student, spouse and children can also benefit from insurance under the age of 20. To sign up for a health insurance, one must submit an alien registration along with documents that prove the purpose of the stay to the Office of National Health Insurance Corporation. For more information regarding health insurance for foreign students, you can call the National Health Insurance Authority Call Center at tel# 02-390-2000.

Q6. How can I find what colleges are out there?

Go to Korea Studying Information System website (, and click University & College on the main menu. You can search university and college by name, major, classification (graduate school, vocational college, university), national/public/private, region, dormitory requirement, scholarship option, etc..